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Managed Care                                                            Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tingley Systems Managed Care (Tingley/mc) is an integrated membership, claims, accounting and reporting business management system for Managed Care Organizations. Tingley/mc is implemented on an advanced relational database management system utilizing function keys, action bars, and the kind of interface that users have become accustomed to in the PC WINDOWS world. The application is designed to move you through the system easily with a minimum of keystrokes.

Tingley/mc is written with a 4GL tool set utilizing all of the latest techniques of pull-down and pop-up menus and windows. Both UNIX and WINDOWS terminal emulation programs are available. The programs allow the user to connect a PC to the Tingley/mc host machine to provide seamless integration between UNIX/WINDOWS programs and the Tingley/mc database. Many popular UNIX/WINDOWS programs can be executed from the menu options and data transferred between UNIX/WINDOWS and Tingley/mc.

Tingley/mc utilizes SB+, a 4GL tool which provides a unique menu driven "Report Writer" enabling managers and executives to easily and quickly create reports by selecting information from anywhere in the database. File indexing is utilized for maximum performance during data selection.


       Provider Relations
       Claims/Benefit Management
       General Ledger
       Accounts Payable
       Accounts Receivable
       EDI Tools
       Support Services  

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